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Fahim Patel

Investment money in gold

Dear investors!

Once I had a conversation with a friend of mine about how to save and is possible increase your personal assets. I am considering the idea of ​​investing money in gold. Investments in gold is a profitable business, the metal value is constantly growing on the market, financial crisis increases demand for eternal values ​​in the world. However, my friend has reasonably questioned me - and what about property? Its value is also increasing. After our conversation about what is more  profitable, investing in gold or buying a new house, I began to doubt on my decision  to invest in gold. Please advise which method of investment will help to preserve and increase my capital? How to invest money in gold?

  • Satbir Chahal
    I advise you to invest money in gold only. Your friend forgets that property is an industrial product, which amortize each year therefore, your money will be a little "eaten up." Thus, I advise only money investment in gold. For example, precious metals appreciated well during the last month. Gold value has increased by 4.5% and silver by 12.5%. What is more there was a strong demand for the monetary metals in August and investment in gold - solely in the U.S. coins increased by 28% in July 2012. And I am more than confident that in September growth rate of gold will only rise as well as the volume of investment in gold. The growth of money investment into gold is caused by the fact that investors do not want to keep capital in risky assets, such as currency. For example, some analysts say that a long-term investment in gold is a perfect way to hedge your money against inflation.
    As far as the ways of investing money in gold are concerned: of course, you can simply buy a gold bar. Although, the storage of physical gold is associated with additional costs – you will have to spend money on deposit box or take the risk of theft if you store gold at home. Besides, buying and selling physical gold is charged with 18% tax.
    You also chose another way of long-term investment - buying collection coins and keep them till the gold price increases significantly. When buying gold coins you will not pay any VAT. That a common thing around the world.
    Another way of a long-term investment - open impersonal metal account - the bank's obligation to pay you a certain amount of money, the amount of which is calculated at the current rate of gold on the market. In addition, there are no problems with the storage, transfer of funds in the account in cash. Also you can use the online investing in gold by buying futures or securities of mining companies. Online investing in stocks and derivatives will also bring you a good return. You can sell securities at any time or use the trading strategy of "buy and hold". This strategy is suitable for any way to invest in gold.
    Personally, I would never change the opportunity of investing in "eternal metal" to other ways of augmenting personal capital.
    Note that in a comparison of gold and money, gold will never worth a penny or "zero". In addition, the metal has unique physical properties, so the development of nano-technology gold demand will only increase. I hope I have convinced you that investing in gold in the long term will bring you good capital. Good luck!